For every Floor Plan you book with Pure Design Concepts, $2 is put towards building houses for Cambodian families in need.

Pure Design Concepts have linked with Volunteer Building Cambodia, with a goal of raising $2,900 USD to build a house from scratch and put a roof over a family's head.

... and we won't stop there!


We have the pleasure of visiting thousands of beautiful homes here in Australia. In the back of our minds, we know that not everyone has the same luxury of even having a place to call home.

This is why we introduced Plans For Purpose.


Volunteer Building Cambodia is a locally-run, non-government organisation helping house Cambodian families in need. Their list of achievements is nothing short of incredible.

- VBC have built 120 houses, 27 toilets and 30 wells to date, helping poor Cambodian families improve their living conditions.  

- VBC have built a warehouse storing materials that they bulk buy to cut costs of the builds. This also creates jobs & training for some of the local villagers and families they've built for previously.

- VBC started a community centre where English lessons, Khmer lessons (for villagers who have never studied it) and vocational training is offered, helping villagers find much-needed regular income.