Our Story. 

The Pure Design Concepts story began in 2011 when a young architect graduate discovered Real Estate Floor Plans could be drastically improved upon.


Our Founder, Aaron Burstow, started Pure Design Concepts as a humble one man band on the Gold Coast. Armed with a deep understanding of design and desire to show people that Floor Plans could be sexy, he went against the grain and self - developed a unique way to measure homes in an industry synonymous for cheap offshore products and services.

From there the concept grew, gaining momentum as a design conscious awakening. Ten years later, we’re now

a team of twelve creatives here to bring dimensions to life, based out of two Queensland offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Our architecturally qualified Design Team craft thousands of beautifully designed Floor Plans for leading brands in Real Estate and beyond every year.


We’re OBSESSED with good design, it’s at the heart of who we are.

Doing a little

bit of good. 

Every PDC Floor Plan helps build homes for the world’s poorest families. We think it’s important as a business to do some good beyond just ourselves and use our Plans for Purpose.


Pure Design Concepts is proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity to help make a positive and tangible impact on our global community, one Floor Plan at a time.

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Plans for Purpose


Our Locations


Crafting designs for properties across Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane & soon Perth!