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Q: What happens if I don’t want a Site Plan with my Floor Plan?

A: The price remains the same, we’ll always recommend a Site Plan, but if you elect not to we look for other ways to add value for you and your property.

Q: How long does it take for you to deliver the goods?

A: Our Design Team works incredibly hard to aim for next business day delivery for our classic marketing Floor Plans. In cases where properties are on the larger end of the scale (6+ Beds or hovering around 550sqm+) we’ll need an extra day with the design process just to make sure we have the time to give it the TLC that it deserves. The developer series & bespoke projects timeframe will be assessed individually depending on the complexity & scale.

Q: If a Designer doesn’t need to go onsite to measure is the Floor Plan any cheaper?

A: Good question. If the property is already built, we’d always prefer to come onsite to measure ourselves to make sure we can get the best outcome for you. There are extra layers of detail beyond just the measurements that we capture at an onsite measure. Either way, Floor Plan pricing remains the same regardless if the Designer goes onsite.

Q: How come you don’t include the block size on this townhouse?

A: Normally we're happy to include preferences, but typically in the case of townhouses or duplex properties where the exterior isn't on title it's something we don’t include to avoid getting you into hot water about representing the property.

Q: What if I need to make a few tweaks to a PDC Floor Plan?

A: We want to ensure the integrity of our designs remain intact so that all of our clients, including you, can have a product they can be proud to showcase to the market. We’d kindly ask that you don’t alter our designs in any way. Our design hearts break just a little if we see someone trying to take creative liberties into their own hands. Just let us know if there are any changes you’d like to make instead of making any changes on your own.

Q: Can I reuse an existing PDC Floor Plan in my campaign?

A: From our experience it’s best to start from scratch on a new campaign with a new design to avoid any frustration that can appear down the track for vendors and buyers. There are many reasons for this, including changes to property and potential contribution of payment towards marketing by the previous agent/vendor and usage rights.
If you come across an existing PDC Floor Plan for a property, the PDC Studio can organise to have the design updated to meet our current style guidelines and your branding. Not only will you have the most up to date design (win!), but then you’ll also have usage rights to legally use the Floor Plan in your campaign (win!). Scenario One: The property has remained exactly the same as when we last measured, is already inline with PDC’s latest style guidelines and paid for by the current vendor, in this case we will need to upgrade to your branding and/or details. Public Pricing $45 Property Partner Pricing $35 Scenario Two: The PDC Floor Plan is presented in a previous PDC style (or has had some changes since the last version was made) and will require us to revamp the design to meet our current style guidelines & your branding. Pricing can vary depending on the age of the Floor Plan, ask the PDC Studio to have a look for you. Scenario Three: If the Floor Plans were paid for by another vendor or agent, we require full payment to release any plans, out of respect for all parties involved and for you to gain usage rights. Invoiced according to full retail (or Property Partner) prices, see PDC price guide.

Q: If I paid for the Floor Plan, does that mean I own it?

A: The short answer is no. Paying for a PDC Floor Plan grants you usage rights but not copyright or ownership rights.Usage rights are where permission is given to use the Floor Plan created for the purposes intended in marketing of your particular property campaign. It does not grant permission for individuals to edit our designs or claim them as their own. The usage rights pricing method is the most common method that photographers use for their services, and allows creative work to be far more affordable than if someone was to purchase ownership rights.

Q: How come the floor area sizes are different to another Floor Plan I’ve seen for this property?

A: We always put our best foot forward to gather measurements as accurate as possible & do have to make some design assumptions with external wall thicknesses, voids & potentially how the developer calculated the area sizes at the time of the design. It's a challenging aspect of using floor area sizes in marketing Floor Plan (even for our highly skilled team of Designers) and is important to remember that our measurements are subject to survey and will always precede developer plans and/or title documents. If ever in doubt we'd encourage asking your vendor/building manager if they have a survey title document that could help clarify & give us complete certainty to make sure we're as close to perfect we can get. - Comparing with those other marketing Floor Plans:
Unfortunately, the standard of other real estate marketing Floor Plans is set rather low & just aren't reliable enough particularly when it comes to floor areas sizes or dimensions. This is why we aren’t able to use those to guide our design process to ensure we maintain the highest design quality possible. - Comparing to title documents:
Like everything it’s important to think about things in the right context: different plans are created for different purposes and for different reasons. Understanding what each document function is, will avoid confusion as they do not necessarily adopt the same conventions, nor are they required to. Marketing Floor Plan & documents like a CMS or BUP title are made for two different purposes. The area sizes mentioned on BUP title plan may be calculated using different conventions than the marketing floor plan. For example, the marketing Floor Plan calculated floor area sizes to the outside perimeter of the wall whereas the BUP title plan may have used a different approach.

Q: When is it a good idea to add furniture to a Floor Plan?

A: A Floor Plan can be a great opportunity to showcase the way you want buyers to perceive the property. We recommend adding furniture in some cases like the Developer Design Series or Bespoke Design Projects.

Q: Do the room labels always match the way the property is currently set up?

A: Not necessarily... Our expert Designers take time to respond to the individual property and strategize with the whole team on room labels for every single Floor Plan that leaves our PDC Studio. A Floor Plan can be a great opportunity to showcase the way you want buyers to perceive the property. It's a case by case scenario so have a chat with us about your property if you have a preference on specific room labels.

Q: What’s this I hear about Property Partners getting the special treatment?

We like to think of our Property Partner program as our way to say thanks for your loyalty. Being a Property Partner means that you enjoy preferential pricing compared to the public, along with brand consistency, tailored Floor Plan styling & priority booking!

Q: How can I fix up my invoices?

We typically send an invoice the next business day following an onsite measure. Our default payment period is 14 calendar days from the onsite measure. Let the PDC Studio know if there is an accounts wizard at your office who we should be directing your invoices to, so things are seamless and worry free!

Covid-19 FAQ


Q: Is it still safe to do an onsite measure?

A: Yes it is with what we know right now. Just like everyone else, we are listening to our government and health authorities for all the latest developments to ensure the safety of our communities, clients and PDC Crew! Before we go ahead with an onsite measure, we’ll need to know if: - Anyone has been overseas in the last 14 days? - Anyone at the property has been self-isolating or felt unwell recently? Or been in contact with a positive case of COVID-19? Or awaiting COVID-19 test results? - Will anyone be present at the onsite measure? Our preference is for the property to be vacant to prioritise the health and safety of everyone.

Q: What should I tell my vendors in advance of an onsite measure right now?

A: You can definitely reassure your vendors in letting them know the entire PDC Team is taking all precautions seriously while we continue to run our small business including: - Reducing the need to visit onsite by using plans wherever possible - Ensuring properties are vacant wherever possible - Not touching unnecessary surfaces - Santising hands and equipment before and after each measure - Avoiding all contact (1.5m distance & no physical contact) The whole PDC Team is doing everything we can to protect you and your vendors while we continue to do our best in crafting you some epic Floor Plans for your campaigns.

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Covid-19 we're happy to answer.

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