Perth Real Estate Agents,

Get ready for Marketing Floor Plans like you’ve never seen before.


The man you know and love,

Owen Bridges from Open Pad

has teamed up with PDC to help

you shake things up in your

real estate business.

Scroll down for awesome perks

and updates coming your way.

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The industry norm is overdue for change

We believe that good design matters, especially when it comes to marketing properties.


New look, premium Floor Plans never before seen in Perth.



Guaranteed next business day turnaround, getting you to market as quickly as possible.



Dedicated team of expert Floor Plan Designers who truly care about your success.


The Marketing Floor Plan

your property deserves

Exceptional Design Quality


Floor Plans that look

seriously amazing.

We stop and ask ourselves how things can be done better. Pouring design intelligence into every Floor Plan no matter how big or small. You won’t find anything else like these.

Made in-house, not offshore


Crafted by architectural experts

from start to finish.

Open Pad & PDC both agree that flippantly sending your work offshore isn’t cool. PDC has pioneered unique techniques to measure, craft and present Floor Plans tailored specifically for real estate marketing.

Effortless all the way through


Smoother than a John Farnham ballad.

You’ve got bigger fish to fry, that’s why we’ve made things simple. Easy online booking, next business day turnaround & a dedicated team here for whatever you need.


Residential Design Series



This is PDC's most popular style choice for real estate agents selling residential homes. Ready for online portals, printed brochures and all other creative applications you chose


Commercial Design Series



Answering the questions everyone has about a commercial space- can this space work for my business? Taking our classic style Floor Plan into the commercial world.


Developer Design Series



A custom design response tailored to suit your property or development with some extra design finesse. Special design for special properties.


Renovator Design Series



A detailed Floor Plan with all the information you need to communicate with trades, estimate materials needed & dream up your own grand plans!



There’s no hiding that it costs a little extra to get expert Designers to craft your Floor Plan, which is why we’ve developed ways that everyone can access competitive pricing based on how you choose to work with us.


Standard Pricing

Great value pricing but without

the commitment. Standard Pricing applies

to those that occasionally work with PDC.

Property Partner

It’s a simple idea.... If you’re a Real Estate Agent

that commits to exclusively using PDC Floor Plans,

you’ll get rewarded with great discounts!

Corporate Partner

If you or your agency is doing serious volume

(75+ per year), then it’s only fair that you get

the most competitive prices.

Here's what other agents have said.

Perth are you with us?

Outstanding service with every single booking, always accommodating.  Extremely fast turnaround. 10/10 on all accounts.  We enjoy working with you and look forward to our continued relationship. Thank you!


- Tolemy Stevens  |  Harcourts Coastal

The team at Pure Design Concepts are an absolute dream to work with. They go above and beyond providing the most stunning floor plan designs and genuine customer service. Their creatively designed plans are simple & easy to read. We’ve had nothing but positive feed back from our vendors & buyers... they’re professional, always on time, their responses/turnaround time are almost immediate and are all impressively knowledgeable in their field of work. Would highly recommend!


- PRDnationwide Ashmore


Prompt, expert help delivered with

unrivalled care. As an Agent on the go,

you can get in touch with us over call,

text, e-mail and even live chat!


Opening Hours:

8am - 4pm (Monday - Friday)


Perth Call / Text :

0450 288 999

Perth Email (bookings/enquiries):


Live Chat:

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Online Booking Calendar (sooo easy):


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Want to know more about what it means for Open Pad to join forces

with Pure Design Concepts? Never fear, answers are here!

Q: When does it start?

A: From Monday 1 March, we launch the partnership of Open Pad x PDC & we can’t wait to create some beautiful designs for you- trust us, you won’t look back!

Q: What happens to my existing booking with Open Pad?

A: Any existing bookings you have with Open Pad will remain as they are in your calendars.

Q: Can we redraw from builder's/architectural plans?

A: Great question. Yes we can, though we’d always recommend going onsite to measure whenever possible. If getting onsite isn’t an option builder’s/architectural plans are the next best thing.

Q: Will the prices change?

A: Pricing will change & trust us it’ll make it easier to budget for your campaigns. Prices are determined based on the number of bedrooms in a property, unless the total floor area property runs over 550 sqm, in which case then pricing will go according to the sqm total.

Q: Will there be a new bank account to pay invoices into?

A: Yes, those details are listed on the invoice that’s sent to your accounts team.

Q: Who do I contact to organise a Floor Plan?

A: As usual you can reach out to Owen on 0450 288 999 or via email at perth@puredesignconcepts.com.au.

You’ll also be able to book a measure from anywhere, at any time of day via www.puredesignconcepts.com.au & you can secure a measure faster than an ice cream melting on a hot summer day.

Q: Who is Pure Design Concepts and how did it start?

A: We’re a team of architectural creatives hailing from beautiful South East Queensland, where our Founder started PDC ten years ago! PDC was born from the desire to rethink the way properties are marketed in real estate. It began in 2011 when Aaron, who was a young architect graduate at the time, discovered real estate marketing Floor Plans could be drastically improved upon. He started PDC as a humble one man band on the Gold Coast. Armed with a deep understanding of design and desire to show people that Floor Plans could be sexy, he went against the grain and self-developed a unique way to measure homes in an industry synonymous for cheap offshore products and services.​ From there the concept grew, gaining momentum as a design conscious awakening. Ten years later, we’re now a team of twelve creatives here to bring dimensions to life with marketing Floor Plans based out of offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and now Perth! Our architecturally qualified Design Team craft thousands of beautifully designed Floor Plans for leading brands in Real Estate and beyond every year. We’re OBSESSED with good design, it’s at the heart of who we are and we’re super excited to get to know you too! Your turn next- we’re all ears!

Q: I’m a design and brand conscious agency, can I meet the architectural founder?

A: We’d love to meet you! If you’d like to meet Aaron to talk Floor Plans, design, marketing, business or big ideas we can make that happen, we want to get to know you too!

Q: Will I still see Owen?

A: Absolutely! Owen isn’t going anywhere, we’re just here to give him a helping hand to help you up your game. There will be some new faces you’ll meet as time goes on, but Owen will still be connected to everything.

Still have Questions?


Feel free to ask away, we’re always up for a chat in the PDC Studio! 

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