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Redefining Property Marketing Floor Plans: Discover the PDC Difference

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Ever wondered what makes PDC unique, or what 'PDC' even stands for? In this article, I'm going to dive into these questions and more. My name is Michael Cardillo, PDC's Managing Director, and I've been fascinated by property and architecture my entire life. Apparently, I'm not alone – according to CoreLogic, property contributes over $6.9 trillion to Australia's economy. Given its importance, you might think we've got everything sorted, from construction to transaction.

However, PDC's founder, Aaron Burstow, saw a gap in the market. Many property marketing professionals and real estate agents were relying on low-quality, off-shored floor plans with frequent errors and poor branding. Aaron believed this approach made no sense, considering properties are often our most prized possession and floor plans are essential marketing tools buyers use to understand the composition of a property.

Aaron's vision for PDC was simple: create the best marketing floor plans the industry had ever seen, while putting people first. This meant prioritising building genuine and lasting client relationships whilst fostering a positive and high performing internal staff culture.

What you see today from PDC is the result of a carefully crafted evolution. We're not here to just provide floor plans that 'look good'. We're here to provide the industry with the ultimate property marketing tool and a customer experience like no other. Accurate floor area sizes, precise room dimensions, decisive labelling, comprehensive brand adoption, quick turnarounds, and instant online booking are just a few of the features we've pioneered and amplified to raise the bar.

Thanks to this vision and our dedication to refining our systems and practices, PDC has grown into Australia's leading supplier of marketing floor plans. We've been in operation for over eleven years, completed over 26,000+ properties, and currently employ 20 talented Australians across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Perth.

Over the years, we've noticed that our competitors often try very hard to copy our ideas and products. But fundamentally, they continue to exploit off-shore low-income employees in poor working conditions with little regard for the actual product or people involved and a primary focus on extremely lucrative profit margins. To give you an idea, at scale, a property photographer can have a hand drawn sketch of a home turned into a 'Marketing Floor Plan' for as little as $5-$15 , whilst charging the client anywhere from $150-$200 and beyond. And even at this margin, their products are still riddled with mistakes and completely lacklustre. Unfortunately, you'll still find some of Australia's leading property professionals relying on these products. Crazy! While it can be frustrating from a copyright infringement perspective, to have our intellectual property effectively stolen by way of direct imitation, we choose to view it as a testament to our influence on the industry. It also serves as motivation for us to constantly innovate and improve, ensuring we continue to deliver the best for our clients.

As PDC's Managing Director, I'm committed to respecting and building upon our heritage. I, like Aaron did from the very start, believe that business is all about people – customers, staff, vendors, buyers, renters, property managers, and everyone in between. By keeping this front of mind, we don't just outperform our competitors – we completely knock them out of the park. Our General Manager, Meaghan Barnard, has been instrumental in upholding this vision. With her unwavering client focus, she ensures the entire business maintains a consistent benchmark and delivers on all fronts.

So, what does PDC stand for? It's short for Pure Design Concepts. We know it's a bit of a vague name, but it truely represents our journey from Aaron's humble beginnings as a one-man show to a multi-million dollar market leader. We've come a long way, from making do with limited technology in Aaron's parents' garage to pioneering the latest technology across 3 boutique offices. That's something to be very proud of. By acronising Pure Design Concepts to PDC we're able to pursue a modern brand presence whilst honouring this heritage.

If you'd like to learn more about PDC, have a look through our website and if you have any thoughts or questions for me or the team, I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me an email anytime at

Thanks for the read!


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