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Australia's most iconic Marketing Floor Plan developed across 26,000+ Australian Homes.
No matter your property, a PDC Residential Marketing Floor Plan has you covered.


Luxury Residences

From Trophy Estates to Iconic Penthouses. Luxury properties command a precise and detailed marketing response. 

  • Dedication to privacy and confidentiality.

  • Full spectrum market experience. 

  • Impress your most demanding clients.


Residential Homes

Quality you can rely on for every home you list. Capturing everything that matters with accuracy at the forefront

  • Extensive local market expertise and a selling mindset

  • Proven Diverse approaches for every home.

  • Serious care and attention to detail. No matter what.


Apartments & Town Homes

Apartments aren't always as simple as they appear. We give even the smallest of spaces the mightiest of respect.

  • Helpful knowledge in Strata Title's, Survey Plan's and exclusive use areas.

  • Location Maps tempered by local knowledge and target demographic.

  • Unlock the unique features that buyers are looking for.


Site Plans

Tell the story of the bigger picture with a Site Plan that effortlessly and accurately communicates what matters.

  • Subdivisions presented with simple sophistication.

  • Vacant blocks brought to life. 

  • Innovative brand incorporation.

What's different here?

It's time to say farewell to the dodgy off-shore Floor Plan suppliers.

Your brand, business, buyers & vendors deserve better. 

PDC Residential Floor Plans are a holistic solution that honour & amplify your sophisticated conversation with the marketplace. Here's a few reasons why:

Instant online booking & next business day turnaround
Dedicated top-notch customer service from start to finish.
Accuracy capturing every feature and square metre.
A user-friendly layout that's designed to effectively showcase and market your property.

It's easy

Getting the industries best floor plans is effortless.



Use the instant online booking calendar to choose a time that works for you or chat with our studio for 5 star customer service, every time.


PDC’s in-house team of design experts will measure your property and craft a quality floor plan without mistakes and full of care.


 Completed plans will arrive in your inbox the next business day* with dedicated support for fast changes.

Your Brand, front and centre!

We've helped hundreds of brands use Marketing Floor Plans to stand out from their competitors.


First time using PDC?

Your first Floor Plan is free!

No strings attached!

*offer only available for Licensed Real Estate agents*

Prices start 
from $325 

Floor Plans are your most viewed Item Online. Make them the highlight of your campaign.

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  • Q: How long does it take for you to deliver the goods?
    A: For Marketing Floor Plans crafted in the Residential Series we aim for next business day delivery. We're incredibly proud that we can offer such speedy turnarounds, while still keeping everything in-house with our own expert team of Designers between our Gold Coast, Brisbane & Perth locations. In cases where a property is on the larger or more complex end of the scale we’ll need an extra day working on the Floor Plan back in our Studio to bring everything together. The timeframe for Developer Series & bespoke projects will be assessed individually depending on the complexity & availablity at the time.
  • Q: If a Designer doesn’t need to go onsite to measure is the Floor Plan any cheaper?
    A: Good question. If the property is already built, we’d always recommend having us come onsite to measure & confirm detail to render the best outcome for you. There are extra layers of detail beyond just the measurements that we capture at an onsite measure. Either way, Floor Plan pricing remains the same regardless if the Designer goes onsite.
  • Q: How come the block size isn't included on townhouse Floor Plan?
    A: Typically in the case of townhouse or duplex properties the exterior area isn't on title. We avoid listing the block size when this is the case to avoid all confusion for buyers interested in your listing.
  • Q: How come the floor area sizes are different to another Floor Plan I’ve seen for this property?
    A: It's important to remember PDC creates Floor Plans for marketing purposes & they should not be considered a legal document. All our Floor Plans are subject to survey, simply meaning that a survey plan, strata plan, developer plan or title document supersedes all other information. We always put our best foot forward to gather measurements as accurately as possible. However, we do have to make some design assumptions with external wall thicknesses, voids & potentially how the developer calculated the area sizes at the time of the design. All of these factors can play into variances in floor area sizes. If you're ever unsure, talk to us! We'll recommend the best way forward so you're confident navigating conversations around floor area sizes with your own clients.
  • Q: What if I need to make a few tweaks to a PDC Floor Plan?
    A: We kindly ask that you don’t alter our designs in any way so we can maintain the integrity of our design & brand. Let us know if there are any changes you’d like to make instead of making any changes on your own.
  • Q: If I paid for the Floor Plan, does that mean I own it?"
    A: The short answer is no. Paying for a PDC Floor Plan grants you Usage Rights which is permission to use the Floor Plan created for that particular marketing campaign. It does not grant permission for individuals to edit our designs or claim them as their own, or be reused by other parties to market the same property. The usage rights pricing allows creative work to be far more affordable than if someone was to purchase ownership rights.
  • Q: Can I reuse an existing PDC Floor Plan in my campaign?
    A: Get in touch with the Studio to see what your options are. If you come across an existing PDC Floor Plan for a property the Studio can organise to have the design updated to meet our current style guidelines and your branding- assuming there haven't been any changes to the property. Not only will you have the most up to date design (win!), but then you’ll also have usage rights to legally use the Floor Plan in your campaign (win!).
  • Q: When is it a good idea to add furniture to a Floor Plan?
    A: Furniture on a Floor Plan can be a great opportunity to showcase the way you want buyers to perceive the property & understand how the spaces are best used. Looking for something different? Talk to the Studio about what options are available.
  • Q: Do the room labels always match the way the property is currently set up?
    A: Not necessarily... Our expert Designers take time to respond to the individual property and strategise with the whole team on room labels for every single Floor Plan that leaves our Studio. If you have a preference on specific room labels always let us know.
  • Q: How can I fix up my invoices?
    We'll typically send your invoice the same day we deliver the completed files to you. We recommend payment via Bank Transfer, all payment options are listed on the invoice. Our default payment period is 14 calendar days from the onsite measure. Let the PDC Studio know if there's a particular contact on the accounts team we should be directing your invoices to, so things are seamless and worry free!
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